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Životinjska farma

Životinjska farma džordž orvel animal farm george orvell

Životinjska farma “Ne uspostavlja se diktatura kako bi se zaštitila revolucija, nego se pokreće revolucija kako bi se uspostavila diktatura” – Džordž Orvel   Mislim da sam tokom svog života pročitao Orvelovo delo „Životinjska farma“ sigurno dva puta (a možda i više). Jednom tokom studija. Drugi put negde na početku…

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Love, Death & Robots (Season 1)

Love, Death & Robots (Season 1) 1

  Sometimes you don’t need a series consisting of 45-minute episodes, where each one is connected to the previous, often requiring you to remember what happened in a certain scene of a certain episode (from a few seasons ago) to better connect with what you’re currently watching. No, sometimes a…

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Doppler - Erlend Loe

  Let’s see… you’re a middle-aged Norwegian, a married and well-settled father of two (with a third child on the way), who has just buried his father and then gone off to the woods to ride a bike? You fell off the bike and it hit you in the forehead…

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The Liar


  With newer domestic authors (not necessarily younger ones)… you really never know with them. When you ask someone for their opinion about them (authors), you will mostly get a shake of the head, along with comments (or perhaps grumbles): “These days everyone wants to be a writer”, “they all…

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