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This is a series about the present. About our reality. It’s about how mega-corporations and states feed us information through various media, the kind we want to hear. To warn and frighten us, then to console and encourage us, reassuring that they are there for us, with the power to help and protect us. And all we have to do is (financially) pay for it.

No, this series is not some political thriller or drama.

This is a series about superheroes.

Yes, you read that right.

This is a story set in modern, corporate America, where people with superpowers are internationally recognized as heroes. They save people from danger, star in movies, have their own lines of supplements, clothing, toys, and participate in events where they smile, wave to the crowd, and speak words of encouragement.


The Boys Amazon Prime


And all these heroes are “owned” by “Vought International”, a corporation that rents, monetizes, and earns billions off them. This corporation isn’t so much interested in helping or saving people. They’re focused on the number of likes, video views, products sold, what’s trending, opinions/statistics about what people think of a certain hero or their actions. How much a superhero’s action/statement contributed to increasing support from Christians/Protestants/leftists/LGBT/children under 18/seniors/women aged 20 to 40… The best people in marketing, PR, designers, assistants… everyone wants to work for “Vought International”.

“Poor” superheroes! Victims of business and corporations, and they just want to help the people! They want to send a message of encouragement to the people, while their dazzling smiles assure that everything is okay, that they are there for us.

“Worship me, you poor scum! A bunch of losers! We are your gods!”


The Boys Amazon Prime


These are the sentences these heroes subtly mutter between their teeth while smiling and waving at us.

“What the hell…” someone might think.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to the world of “The Boys” series.

A world that shows us that beneath those heroic personas lie, in fact, a bunch of arrogant, corrupt, selfish, pathetic, and mentally unstable individuals who often make huge blunders, but which “Vought International” successfully covers up.

But, let’s start with the plot of the series.

In this world of superheroes lives Hughie Campbell. Hughie is a good guy. Kind, shy, works in an electronics store, lives a safe and boring life. He’s a huge fan of superheroes. He has a wonderful girlfriend Robin (who thinks Hughie is wasting his potential) and lives with his father, who might be overly protective and with an attitude of “play it safe and don’t rock the boat.”

In any case, from Hughie’s perspective, life is good. He is happy and enjoys moments with Robin, especially the romantic ones like you see on the street, where a boy and girl hold each other’s hands, symbolizing utmost trust…

Until a superhero literally flies through your girlfriend at that moment, leaving only a stain… and her hands that you’re holding.

Yes, you read that correctly. Hughie’s girlfriend was killed by a superhero, for no reason, and then, with a brief “sorry,” vanished from the scene.

Definitely a traumatic experience, you’ll agree.


The Boys Amazon Prime


But here is where things really start to heat up, bringing us back to the beginning of this text.

Soon, a representative of “Vought International” appears, offering Hughie a minor sum of money as “compensation” for his traumatic experience, on the condition that he signs a statement agreeing that his girlfriend was careless for being on the street while a superhero was on a secret mission, and that he never tells anyone what truly happened that day.

Hughie, who has always played it safe (and is also pressured by his father to accept the offer, as it’s dangerous to cross “Vought International”), is devastated. On one hand, he’s tormented by fear, and on the other, by anger and a desire for revenge. His vision of superheroes, whom he admired so much, collapses like a house of cards.

In such a moment, the mysterious Billy Butcher approaches Hughie, offering him a unique opportunity. To join his group “The Boys”, whose sole purpose is to expose and destroy corrupt superheroes, led by the most powerful group, “The Seven”.

And thus begins Hughie’s adventure…

Let’s quickly go through the characters of this series.

“The Boys” are comprised of:

  • Billy Butcher – the leader of the group, who hates all superheroes, with a personal vendetta against one in particular. A mysterious man with a mysterious past, always has information on everything
  • Frenchie – an expert in ammunition, communication, surveillance, often acting emotionally (which he shouldn’t)
  • Marvin (also known as Mother’s Milk) – patient, kind-hearted, methodical, deeply caring for his family. Definitely has military experience
  • Kimiko (The Female) – the only female member of the team and (apparently) the only one with superhero powers. Mute, but possesses extraordinary regenerative abilities and can dismember a man in seconds.
  • And of course, Hughie Campbell – a guy who is actually braver and smarter than he seems… in some aspects.


The Boys Amazon Prime
The Boys


In front of “The Seven” are:

  • John (Homelander) – outwardly a noble and patriotic version of Superman, is actually arrogant, sadistic, egocentric trash, also mentally unstable with some very strange reasoning. The leader of the group.
  • Queen Maeve – a veteran in the group, who has “burned out” in her job, become disinterested in her work, and long lost her enthusiasm for saving lives and being a “real superhero.” Homelander’s ex-girlfriend (and one of the few who knows his true face). Imagine “Wonder Woman” without a zest for life or enthusiasm.
  • A-Train – A superhero obsessed with being the fastest in the world, fearful of losing his place in the group. Imagine Flash with low self-esteem and a drug problem. Guess who killed Robin?
  • The Deep – Can communicate with aquatic creatures and breathe underwater. Imagine Aquaman who is extremely pathetic, miserable, and feels like he’s the group’s laughing stock. You can’t connect him to this version in any aspect.
  • Black Noir – a superhero in a black ninja costume (Snake-Eyes, is that you dude?), always silent, perhaps potentially the most dangerous of the group.
  • Translucent – can become invisible. A major voyeur and jerk.
  • Annie January (Starlight) – the newest and youngest member of the group, with powers to control light/energy. A lovely, sweet country girl with a sincere intention to be a superhero who helps people. A sweetheart, clueless about what she’s gotten into…


The Boys Amazon Prime
The Seven


As you can see, interesting characters with intriguing psychological profiles (especially for psychiatry ward).

“So, this doesn’t seem like your typical superhero series,” someone might say. And it’s not. This would be some kind of “superhero black comedy action drama.” The plot primarily revolves around the group “The Boys”, their interactions with each other, and their encounters with superheroes. There are plenty of spy scenes, infiltrations, detective moments, as well as good old beatings. And there’s even a romantic moment or two.

The cast is excellent. Karl Urban (also known as “Oh, that actor, you know, the one from Riddick, from that shooter, that futuristic police series… oh, what’s his name, he’s got a surname, you know him, he played that villain in Thor, no no, he’s the “Judge Dredd” from the remake of that Stallone movie… you know that actor, dude, he was also in Xenia… oh how can you not know. Yeah, that’s Eomer from “Lord of the Rings!”) fits into a role that seems tailor-made for him. Included in the cast are Jack Quaid (“Hunger Games”), Antony Starr (“Banshee”), Dominique McElligott (“House of Cards”), Jessie Usher (“Shaft”), Simon Pegg (“Shaun of the Dead”), and the charming and sweet Erin Moriarty (“Captain Fantastic”). And let’s not forget the legendary Elisabeth Shue (“Leaving Las Vegas”), who leads the “Vought International” corporation.

All in all, it’s a rather interesting series that has delighted audiences (including those who don’t typically enjoy superhero movies/series), with everyone eagerly awaiting its second season. Myself included. 🙂

What an interesting series… no, it’s fantastic!


And you, dear reader, what do you think of such a series? 🙂


(Originally reviewed: 25/01/2020)




Imdb | Rotten Tomatoes | Metacritic

Release Date: 2019

Format: Series

Number of Seasons: 1 (8 episodes)

Average Episode Duration: 60 minutes


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