Love, Death & Robots (Season 1)

Love, Death & Robots (Season 1) 1


Sometimes you don’t need a series consisting of 45-minute episodes, where each one is connected to the previous, often requiring you to remember what happened in a certain scene of a certain episode (from a few seasons ago) to better connect with what you’re currently watching.

No, sometimes a series consisting of 18 episodes, each lasting under 20 minutes, where episodes have no connection with each other, is enough. Moreover, sometimes it’s enough for a series where each episode is created, directed, and acted by a different team.

Yes, you read that correctly. 🙂

“Love, Death and Robots” is an adult animated anthology series. Don’t let the “animated” part confuse you; this is truly a series for adults. The themes/episodes are quite adult, heavily inspired by the “Heavy Metal” series, and span different genres (from science fiction, fantasy, to horror and comedy).


Love, Death + Robots


Let’s quickly go through the episodes, in a word or two, just to give you a better impression:

  • Sonnie’s Edge – In dystopian London, young Sonnie participates in battles where she “pilots” genetically modified (alien) beasts. But what’s her motive for constantly participating in such battles, and what happened to her in the past?
  • Three Robots – Humanity has long disappeared from the Earth, and three goofy robots wander through the post-apocalyptic ruins of a city playing tourists, trying to learn more about humans. But why are cats still here?
  • The Witness – A girl witnesses a murder in the hotel room across from hers and is now fleeing the murderer. What will the outcome of the chase through the streets of Hong Kong be?
  • Suits – Farmers in a small community defend their farms from occasional invasions of insect-alien creatures. And how do they defend themselves? Farmer mecha style! 😀 But how long can they live like this?
  • Sucker of Souls – Archaeologists and mercenaries explore a tunnel in search of the legend of Dracula. But what if they find something worse?
  • When the Yogurt Took Over –… … … yes, you read that right. What happens when yogurt mutates into a sentient being?
  • Beyond the Aquilla Rift – A spaceship doesn’t end up at its intended destination. One of the crew members meets his old love at an unknown location. How did she get there?
  • Good Hunting – Set in early 20th century China. A father and son hunt a demonic nine-tailed fox and manage to kill it. But what will happen next in a China that’s slowly modernizing?
  • The Dump – After this episode, you’ll understand why I never wanted to be a city inspector. ^^
  • Shape-Shifters – What if werewolves really exist, and they serve in the military with you? Is there room for discrimination here?
  • Helping Hand – What happens when a working-class woman needs to repair a satellite? Easy job or not?
  • Fish Night – And after this episode, you’ll understand why I never wanted to be a field salesman. ^^
  • Lucky 13 – Can a marine transport aircraft have a soul? Is the number 13 imprinted on the aircraft a sign of bad luck? Or maybe good luck?
  • Zima – A controversial artist reveals a plan for his final artistic work where he will find his meaning and happiness in the world – “returning home.”
  • Blindspot – Four silly cyborgs try to rob a heavily armed convoy. Will they survive?
  • Ice Age – The only episode with real (live?) actors. And the point is in their freezer…would you like to have one like that?
  • Alternate Histories – Dive into a simulation of an educational program that shows alternative possibilities that could have shaped our history, and future. For example, what if a meteor had struck young Hitler?
  • The Secret War – During the siege of Stalingrad, a unit of the Red Army must fight demons…wow!? 🙂


Love, Death + Robots


The episodes sound interesting, don’t they? And they are, your time will really fly by with them.

Each episode is a visual-atmospheric spectacle, accompanied by solid music and an interesting cast (among which is one Serbian actor, Stefan Kapicic).

What to note is that the series (really) is not for everyone. Episodes are often dark, violent, twisted, with sex scenes…

But, “Love, Death and Robots” is a series that will definitely not leave you indifferent. Especially because almost all episodes end abruptly, leaving you with the question “what happened next”?

Netflix, in my opinion, did a good job with this series.

Probably the reason why a second season was “ordered”! 🙂


Did you like this series? 🙂


(Originally reviewed: 06/09/2019)




IMDB | Rotten Tomatoes | Metacritic

Format: TV show

Number of seasons: 1 (18 episodes / NOTE: this was the number of episodes in the moment of the review)

Runtime: Under 20 minutes per episode


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