The “Please Don’t Steal My Stuff” Legal-ish Notice / Copyright

© [Kafa i Knjiga], [2023]. All Rights Reserved (Seriously, we checked).

Welcome to the wild world of copyright at “Kafa i Knjiga”, where we treasure our words and pictures like a dragon hoards gold. Here’s the nitty-gritty on what’s ours, what’s yours, and how not to get into a virtual pillow fight over it.

Our Precious Creations:

  • Book Reviews & Snazzy Photos: Crafted with the love, tears, and occasional caffeine overdoses by our team. Feel free to admire, but ask before you borrow. Like a library book with a stern librarian watching.
  • Everything Else We Cooked Up: Blog posts, articles, those quirky graphics – they’re all ours. Replicating them without a magic wand (or our written permission) is a no-no.

Movie Reviews & Their Paparazzi Shots:

  • Movie Musings: Our movie reviews are more original than that avant-garde play your friend dragged you to. Use our words, and we might have to send a troop of flying monkeys or ninjas… or flying monkey ninjas (or just a polite email).
  • Movie Pics: Not our circus, not our monkeys, not our ninjas. We use film stills under the ‘please don’t sue us’ law of fair use for critique and giggles. If you own these and want credit or removal, drop us a line at We’re nice, promise!

Fair Use, Fairly Used:

  • Quoting stuff, using film images for review – that’s all fair game under “fair use.” It’s like borrowing a cup of sugar, but for words and pictures.

Audience Participation AKA Your Stuff:

  • Comments, theories, rants? All you, friend. Just keep it classy or at least, hilariously snarky. We cannot be responsible for your moments of wisdom or nonsense.

“Can I Borrow This?” Protocol:

  • Wanna use our stuff? Send a carrier pigeon or, more reliably, an email to We might say yes (if you ask nicely).


This copyright notice is subject to change, depending on our mood and the alignment of the stars. Check back when Mercury isn’t in retrograde.

For further chit-chat about borrowing our stuff or just to say hi, reach out at We don’t bite (often)…unless you send us spam.