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Norse Mythology

Norse Mythology 1

  Talking about Neil Gaiman and his artistic achievements really doesn’t make sense… the man has worked on comics, written novels and short stories, read books for audio editions, collaborated on movies and series, published publications… and won awards in whatever field he dabbled in. Although he might not be…

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Way of the Peaceful Warrior

Put mirnog ratnika Peaceful warrior

  This book and I go way back… there’s a lot of history there. How much, I wonder… about seven or eight years? Maybe a year more? When I first saw the book “Way of the Peaceful Warrior”, its title (including the cover) caught my attention, as did some quotes…

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The Little Prince

The Little Prince 2

  Some books you seek out, and some books find you… especially those with hard covers and sharp edges… and it’s precisely that edge that drops onto your foot. With a grumble (okay, a rather colorful swear word) I picked up the little book. “The Little Prince” by Antoine de…

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The Alchemist

Alchemist Alhemičar - Paulo Koeljo

  In the fall, when the “Book Fair” arrives (though it increasingly feels more like a fair and less about books), as it does every year, our beloved Paulo Coelho prepares a new book for us. In his latest  work, he’s tackled Mata Hari. However, his previous book, “Manuscript Found…

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Stories of Your Life and Others

Priče tvog života Ted Ćang Story of your life

  In the case of the story collection/novellas “Stories of Your Life and Others”, I must make an exception and immediately state my verdict… well, my final impression. That is – I do not recommend buying this book at full price. There, I’ve said it, at the risk of people…

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