The Path of Change

The Path of Change 1


You attend a lecture that takes place once a month to see and hear in person the individual who smiles contently and peacefully from the cover of their debut book.

The hall is full, and tickets must be reserved in advance. The monthly lecture lasts about 90 minutes, and there’s always a new topic being discussed.

Then he appears in person. Yes, this man is an actor, but also a licensed life coach trained in the methodology of Louise Hay (yes, that’s the kind lady who emphasized self-love and the importance of affirmations). And this Sinisa Ubovic talks about interesting things. Educational things. Honest things. Practical things.

The audience enjoys listening to him. And why wouldn’t they? He’s charming, smiling, charismatic, sharing not only motivational stories but also thoughts and views that truly make you think. And he’s humorous too.

He talks about how to love and appreciate ourselves more, forgive ourselves, be more spontaneous, and happier.

Yes, I thought the same…


The path of change


What rubbish, shame on him! 😁

How dare he tell me I can be happy? Hey, does he know where we live? We love to be miserable, to complain and gossip, to blame others for our unhappiness. That’s our essence! And he’s telling me I can be happy… Lord Almighty! 😀

But now, jokes aside…

The debut book “The Path of Change…and there will never be an end to your wonders” is an interesting mix. In this book, we have the opportunity to meet Sinisa just before he realized how life can change for the better, and his fateful encounter with Louise Hay’s book.

Until then, Sinisa was a typical, ordinary man living in this region. Struggling with loans, doing jobs/roles far below his capabilities. And wondering: “Why is all this happening to me?” As I said, the definition of your typical neighbor.

But then we discover how his life gradually changes when he starts encountering positive affirmations and realizing that our positive attitude depends not on others, but on ourselves.

Then comes his decision to become a life coach (oh, how I dislike this title, even though I myself have it 😅) and his effort to enable himself to undergo training “across the pond.”

Of course, this is just one part of the book. Here we will encounter Sinisa’s views on what our attitude towards money, love (both towards ourselves and others), forgiveness, meditation, and taking responsibility for our own life really is. Then Sinisa will share with us the importance of affirmations (giving us examples of them) and why they are not just “empty words,” and how we should “get used” to their existence.

Here we will also see examples of affirmations for money, love, and prosperity.

And of course, there will be some practical (semi-meditative-semi-visualized) techniques that you can apply immediately.




The book is a quick read for several reasons. Besides the size of the book, an important factor is the writing style. I assume many who have read Louise Hay’s books will probably feel that Sinisa’s style is similar (which is understandable, considering the strong impact she had on him).

Sinisa addresses us gently, spontaneously, directly, and positively. And that’s a style that is excellent for reading. Of course, he may not be brutally (painfully!) direct like Mark Manson or Kenan Crnkic… but Sinisa doesn’t need to be. He simply needs to be Sinisa Ubovic.

I won’t dwell on the character of Sinisa Ubovic himself (if there’s a chance, maybe we’ll meet someday for an informal and relaxed coffee-interview variant), I’ll leave that to you. You can learn more about his lectures on his website.

All in all, if you want to get to know Sinisa better, you can start with this book, “The Path of Change.” 🙂


And how is your “path of change” going, dear friends? 🙂



Price of the book in Serbia: Vulkan | Laguna | Delfi | Makart | Dereta


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