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I hold a great deal of respect for Robin Sharma. I truly believe that there is power in his words and that he is not (nor will he ever be) just another in the series of those who write generic texts in motivational books.

Starting with “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari”, Robin has been trying to restore people’s faith in themselves. Some criticized him for perhaps writing too idealistically and that it’s not simple to apply his understandings and worldviews to the modern world. However, amongst those motivational writers/speakers who write (literally) fairy tales and fantasies in their books, and those who try to play the card of harsh (and painful) realism, pragmatism, and practicality, Robin follows what we might call “idealistic realism,” where people like his thoughts but also believe that what he talks/writes about is achievable. And for that, people love and respect him.




But now, I will focus more on the book itself.

“The 5AM Club”

By a twist of fate (or a play of destiny), an unfortunate entrepreneur and a lost artist become “students” of Mr. Riley Stone, an eccentric and goofy yet zen-serene businessman-multimillionaire (with the assistance of a mysterious motivational speaker, The Wizard), who introduces them into the peculiar club of early risers, aiming to show them how to lead an exceptional and fulfilling life, financially, health-wise, and spiritually.

The essence of this book lies in the fact that Robin Sharma has composed all his knowledge, teachings, and research on success and happiness which he has been involved with for years (and decades).

It all starts with early rising, just before five in the morning, and making the most of those few hours (for example, before heading to work). Mr. Riley imparts his knowledge and practical techniques to the entrepreneur and the artist gradually, with the intention to cover all the essential aspects of life, which would lead to a perfect balance in a person’s life on all fronts. And that is what we all desperately search for.

I have to share something with you. Nearly three-quarters of the book did not impress me. The significance of rising early, morning exercises, meditation, journaling, sleep cycles… I was already aware of all this or it was familiar from my own research. But then, I realized I should be delighted with this knowledge! Both Robin Sharma and I have, in our individual ways, reached similar conclusions. Which means that the combination of these techniques could indeed lead to happiness. Or freedom, if you prefer. Hmm… if Robin Sharma came to this conclusion, maybe there really is something to it. So this is simultaneously a big plus for the book!


Robin Sharma


However, the last 50-60 pages… man! Those thoughts were so beautifully formed and inspiring, that at one point I realized I was smiling all the while, content and serene as I read them. Spot on, that’s all I’ll say!

The book is nicely and clearly written, although I would honestly love to read it in the original English, as the Serbian translation seemed a bit, well, “unnatural,” so that in a few scenes the characters’ reactions seemed a bit too odd and unpredictable (I understand that Stone Riley is odd, but still…), so I’m not sure if that has to do with the translation.

This is a book you will often return to, and with which you must be patient to reach the understanding of the essence of some matters. I can guarantee that there is truth in Robin’s words in this book. And that a lot of it is indeed applicable and can be effective.

So, I have decided to try my luck and join the club of early risers. 🙂


And you, my dear friends, are you ready to try your luck with the club of early risers? 🙂


(Originally reviewed: 16/05/2019)



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