Outlive the Life

Nadživeti život Outlive the life Kenan Crnkić


And now it’s time for the last book in the trilogy Life-Happiness-Success.

And now someone will say, “Let me guess. A small-format book, full of interesting and instructive stories and anecdotes, interwoven with quotes and Kenan’s views on life, happiness, friendships… Is it really worth spending money again on a booklet full of stories that can be found everywhere?”

To answer honestly right away: Yes, the book is made in the same style. Thirty-three stories from around the world, interwoven with quotes and Kenan’s thoughts. Is it worth reading this book?

Yes. Short and clear.

I found it especially worthwhile to read this book because it reminded me of some stories I had completely forgotten, and I needed to be reminded of them, perhaps at just the right moment!

The stories teach us how to deal with temptations, gossip, insults, how to recognize true friends, what is cost and what is value in life, and why it’s important to muster the strength to forgive some things.


Nadživeti život Outlive the life Kenan Crnkić


I truly believe that stories exist to put little children to sleep. But, they also exist to “awaken” adults. To wake them from the “prisons” of fears, “caves” of lethargy, the vicious circle of anger, and feelings of powerlessness.

Sometimes a story can jolt you more than any advice.

Although this might be Kenan Crnkic’s best book (it’s a tie for me between this and “Be Careful Which Wolf You Feed”), the review will be the shortest.

Because this is a book that will be quickly read (like the previous ones), but then it requires careful contemplation of everything written.

Particularly attention should be paid to the part that talks about the five types of people and their approach to life.

Kenan Crnkic definitely has a gift for capturing the reader’s attention and making them ponder certain things. Obviously, his books are a hit in the region for a reason. 🙂


And you, dear readers, will you just survive, live through, or perhaps “outlive” life?


(Originally reviewed: 10/07/2019)



Price of the book in Serbia: Vulkan | Delfi | Makart | Dereta | Knjizara.com


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