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Talking about Neil Gaiman and his artistic achievements really doesn’t make sense… the man has worked on comics, written novels and short stories, read books for audio editions, collaborated on movies and series, published publications… and won awards in whatever field he dabbled in. Although he might not be one of the highest-paid writers (he’s “only” worth 20 million dollars), he is definitely one of the more quality ones.

And without further delay (there’s no need for a longer story, we’ll hang out with Neil in the future too), let’s delve into the world of Norse mythology.

My love for mythology has been there as long as my love for books… from an early age. I adored (and still do!) Greek mythology, as well as Japanese, Slavic, and Egyptian mythology. I like Norse mythology too, although I got acquainted with it later in life. Thor, Odin, Loki, giants, dwarf-smiths, elves, the nine worlds, the mythical tree Yggdrasil, Ragnarok, mystical runes… the wealth of Norse mythology is inexhaustible, rich, cold, and mystical, just like Scandinavia itself. 🙂


Nordijska mitologija Nil Gejmen Norse mythology Neil Gaiman


“Norse Mythology” begins with Neil’s charming introduction about how he first encountered Thor, Odin, and company through comics by the legendary Jack Kirby and Stan Lee, and their futuristic version of cities and humorous character of the gods, and later he read Roger Green’s “Norse Myths,” where he met the Viking, darker version of the gods and their adventures.

And now Neil Gaiman has gifted us with the book “Norse Mythology,” his view of the adventures of the Norse gods. As one gets the impression, he decided to stay true to the original writings on mythology, but at the same time added his “Gaimanesque” style, spiced up with a subtle dose of humor.

Through about twenty stories, we’ll get to know the creation of the world, the birth of the first gods, Yggdrasil, why Odin sacrificed his eye, the legendary treasures given as gifts to the gods, who Loki’s children are, the adventures of the quarrelsome and arrogant thunder god Thor and how he’d most like to beat up his cunning (half)brother Loki, journeys to the land of giants, the death of the beautiful god Balder, Loki’s final days, as well as the moment when the famous Ragnarok occurred.


Nordijska mitologija Nil Gejmen Norse mythology Neil Gaiman


Let me tell you right away, if you’re a fan of Neil Gaiman and also love mythology, you’ll enjoy this book. But, if by some chance, before reading this book, you’ve watched a Marvel movie where Norse gods are mentioned, like “Thor” or “The Avengers,” I guarantee you’ll have even more fun reading this book. In my case, because of Neil Gaiman’s specific writing style, for the entire time reading the gods’ adventures, I imagined their movie versions and lent the actors’ voices to the dialogues, so in the end, everything turned out to be hilarious. 😀

The writing style is light, dynamic, and interesting, so the book is read in one breath, and there’s a high probability that you’ll want to finish it in one day.

I really don’t know what criticisms I would have, except that Gaiman could have touched on many more adventures of our drunken and hungry gods (after all, it’s the Viking style, if they’re not fighting, they’re drinking and eating; if not eating and drinking, then chasing their wives; and if not chasing their wives, then fighting; and if not doing any of that, then most likely chasing Loki to break his bones because of his tricks), simply because the book is read incredibly fast. 🙂

There’s no doubt that Neil Gaiman has shown that he has the talent to tell us mythology in a pretty dynamic and entertaining way, while not deviating from the original material. Who knows, maybe one day he’ll dare to depict Greek mythology and let us see the Trojan War from the perspective of the gods? That would be interesting to see.


Nordijska mitologija Nil Gejmen Norse mythology Neil Gaiman


All in all, the book comes with an absolute recommendation. If you’re up for a quick, fun, and easy read, and you’re a fan of mythology, this will be a perfect fit for you.


And you, dear reader, how do you like the idea of Neil Gaiman telling myths from his perspective? 🙂


(Originally reviewed: 29/02/2020)



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