7 Secrets to Success

7 tajni uspeha Kenan Crnkić


Life often has strange and unusual paths. During the period when I decided to (re)read and review Dr. Kenan Crnkic’s books, news came out that the aforementioned gentleman would hold a promotion of his latest book (“Outliving Life”) and a short (free) lecture in a Belgrade bookstore on Knez Mihailova Street.

Is it an understatement to say that the bookstore was packed with people eager to hear the lecture, then get a signed book and take a photo with Kenan Crnkic? And those who wanted could even chat with him privately for a few minutes about topics that interested them. Indeed, an interesting and unusual man, I must admit, even somewhat mystical… but more on that another time. 🙂

Let’s turn to the book…

“7 Secrets to Success” is Dr. Kenan Crnkic’s first book. It’s a small-format book, just over 100 pages. Hmm, interesting… seven secrets of success packed into an afternoon’s reading. Too little? Or perhaps just enough? And what are these secrets?

* Define your goal
* Adopt the right attitude
* Make a plan
* Adopt winning habits
* Brand yourself
* Network
* Discover purpose

The book is imbued with quotes, techniques, explanations, advice, and anecdotes aimed at deciphering the secrets of success.

And here I will stop with the description of the book itself. Yes, you know I always elaborate on what happens in a book, but here I will make an exception.

And now I will explain why.


7 tajni uspeha Kenan Crnkić


As you read (and even after finishing) the book, you may feel slightly confused. It’s not just that the book is a quick read, but the techniques described are quite basic (and logical), and if you’ve already been in touch with books on communication, motivation, marketing, or similar, you’ll recognize much of that here as well. But this is where things get interesting.

It may have to do with the fact that Kenan Crnkic is a doctor of economic behaviors, considering his life story. Or maybe not.

The point is that the book has no unnecessary words. You receive a booklet that strives to simplify and compress what it would be desirable for you to understand and do to be a step closer to your vision of success.

Each chapter begins with a story, followed by an explanation, then advice and techniques, and interwoven with quotes from well-known and successful individuals. And it’s a nice (and useful) detail that these quotes aren’t just randomly thrown in but really nicely shape each chapter.

In this book, you won’t encounter “empty philosophy” or pandering to the reader, just direct and honest facts.

Don’t get me wrong, the writing style isn’t “cold.” On the contrary, it feels as if you’ve met the author for coffee, and you’re having a friendly discussion on the topic of success. Relaxed, yet direct and to the point.

The book also includes a charming detail, like a mirror instead of an introduction (which immediately reminded me of Napoleon Hill’s approach). A smart and instructive detail and a good reminder of who our greatest ally in life is.

I appreciated the reminder of the SMARTI technique. Yes, you read that correctly, not SMART, but SMARTI. A great reminder that a goal cannot be SMART without that I… hehe, get it? No? Well… uh, this was supposed to be a witty play on words (“Leave the humor to me, unfortunate one! Just stick to writing – note from the subconscious”).

All in all, there’s definitely a reason why Kenan Crnkic’s books are very popular and sought after in the region. There’s something in his words. In any case, read and see for yourself.


How does all this seem to you, dear readers? 🙂


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