The 5 Second Rule



I think it is the best to start (and also end) the review of this book by trying to answer three most common questions about this book that are buzzing the Web:

  • Should I really read this book if I already saw videos on Youtube about "the 5 second rule" (in further text: 5SR)?
  • Is this book more focused on "copy/paste" of people's posts from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram how 5SR changed their lives (and how they are praising Mel Robbins)?
  • Does the 5SR really work?

Answering the first question is not easy at all, because of one simple reason. 5SR is a simple rule, and the way it functions is simple as well. That moment, when you hear your instinct "whispering" you to do something, that might actually benefit you (your goal or cause), you have to count "5,4,3,2,1" and ACT before your brain stops you with his (its?) dilemmas, fears and other methods that will kill the action. And that's about it!

Mel's 5SR is not some revolutionary discovery. That is something that existed from time immemorial and will continue to exist in future in different forms. Instinctive reaction, "1,2,3 and HOP" or "count to 10 to calm yourself", etc... For me, five seconds Mel is talking about presents:

- Reacting with instinct, before brain rushes in with five million "arguments" why something will not work, and all of this in attempt to protect you (oh, irony of life!). That is why you have "5 second window" before your brain goes rampage with his arguments and rules over the instinct

- Short-term distraction of brain by sending him a note that, by counting backwards, he must fulfill some action when countdown is over. This will temporary stop brain from thinking the ways to protect you (or is it better to say - sabotage you?) from doing something

To answer the second question is even more challenging than the first one. It is undeniable fact, at least half of the book (if not more) are comments from people on social networks how 5SR helped them/changed their life. Is this also the way Mel Robbins is glorified and promoted? Maybe. Mel knows that the best. However, Mel didn't put those comments/accolades randomly. She really did her best to put them in appropriate chapter.

You need to understand and respect one thing. In this book, Mel also speaks a lot about her life failures, and how 5SR saved her from downfall. Also, besides other people's confessions, in this book there are lots of scientific facts Mel gathered about brain (and the way it thinks), procrastination and other. Honestly, you really have to judge for yourself what is the answer to the second question.


Pravilo 5 sekundi


It is actually the easiest to answer the final, third question (oh, the irony). And the answer is - YES. As incredible as it sounds (and remember, this is coming from person who tries to remain objective and realistic as much as possible when it comes to books about "poppsy" or "populogy", how I renamed term "popular psuchology" 😀 ). And, if you look a little better about this book reviews and marks, you will notice something interesting. Criticism of this book is usually focused on how book might not be necessary because of YouTube videos, how there are too many comments from other people and how they glorify Mel...but I didn't notice that anyone said anything negative about the 5 second rule itself.

And why would they? The rule is simple to use, or as Mel said it better: "To apply the Rule is simple, but I never said it is easy".Your decision/intention to apply the Rule, like for everything else in life, is the decisive factor. Countdown helps, because it clearly shows you that it is certain that you will have to act, no matter how scary it is. But, if you get scared (who said tremble like a chicken? 😀) give or just start saying "threeeeeee, twoooooo, oneeeeeee......zeeeroooo......minus oneeeee.......minus twooooooo" and hesitate, it is not Mel Robbins' fault that 5SR doesn't work... it is completely your fault.

Writing style is simple, direct, and mixed with posts from social networks, but it is a quick read and there is no need for any additional comment here.

"To buy the book or go straight for YouTube videos?" Honestly now, when I finished with reading the book, I am not so sure myself. When I first started with this book, I was probably for option two, but now I see this book as a good addition to explaining 5SR. The best answers I could give you are, maybe, to wait for a discount or borrow the book first. 🙂


No question today, but rather a warm recommendation for my lovely readers: Try testing the 5SR and tell me if it works for you and in which way?🙂


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