Be careful which wolf you feed


Pazi kojeg vuka hraniš Kenan Crnkic

 "Be careful which wolf you feed" - Kenan Crnkic


And again, Kenan Crnkic. And again, one lovely little rugged book that you can finish in one afternoon.

And again, some familiar stuff is written here.

And again...a good book that you will often return to. 😊

To be honest, I like this book even more than the previous one.

If previous book ("7 secrets to success") talked about success (obviously 😊), then this one talks about happiness.

But, here you won’t find classical rules/laws/skills for reaching happiness.

But, you will find stories and anecdotes, followed with explanations and thoughts.

Yes, you did read this.

Kenan Crnkic put in this book 26 educational stories/tales from all over the world. I believe you even heard for most of them. And every story is followed by Kenan’s thoughts about how stories could be applied to real life situations.

„Oh well...“, someone might notice. „In regards to previous book, this a collection of stories, that are not even his! Sure, he talks a little bit about meaning behind these stories and that’s it! These stories exist in other books as well, on the Internet...why would this book be special?

The answer could be found in counter-question.

When was the last time you have read a book full of stories and anecdotes, which messages could be applied on daily basis?


Pazi kojeg vuka hraniš Kenan Crnkic


And what is wrong with reading (and learning) from stories?

For me, stories are great example of life experience. I believe, after first-hand experiences, that stories take second place as great and fast learning material. I can tell you that from my own experiences.

And besides that, as kids, stories were everything to us (until we discovered the world of movies and video games :D). It didn’t matter if some told us those stories or we read them by ourselves. They were our portal into an incredible world. But, they also gave us some valuable (life) messages that defined our view of the world. What is good, what is bad, how to be fair and honest, how to deal with tough people, etc...

And then we grew up.

We replaced stories with cheap news articles, full of illusions and tragedies, with barely any good, positive and inspiring news. Or, we might’ve even stop reading. And lessons about happiness we tried to find through some different channels

Or maybe we even stopped looking for happiness.

And that is the reason why it is good to have this type of book with you.

Someone might say: „Well, this is like a dose of motivation! You read it once and done! What’s next?“

But, it is not said without a reason that motivation is like showering – it is recommended on daily basis. 😀

All in all, this book is written in simple style. And that is perfectly fine and enough.

To be honest, I think I like this book even more than the previous one (Strange, I though I said this before?). And, it looks like there is the reason why entire region went crazy for this book.

Almost forgot! Friendly advice! Definitely try to answer all 77 questions in last chapter of the book. Answer them as fast and honest as you can. You will be surprised with your answers. 😊


And you, my dear readers, which you wolf do you „feed? 😊


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