Outlive the life


Nadživeti život Outlive the life Kenan Crnkić

   "Outlive the life" - Kenan Crnkic


And it is time for the final book in this trilogy Life-Happiness-Success..

And even now, someone might say: „Yeah, yeah, let me guess. Small rugged book, full of interesting and educational stories/anecdotes, filled with quotations and Kenan’s look on life, happiness, friendship... Is it worth to buy the book full of stories that can be found everywhere?

Let me answer honestly: Yes, book is written in similar style similar to the previous one. Thirty-three stories from all over the world, mixed with quotations and Kenan’s thoughts. Is it worth it?

Yes. Simple as that.

For me, it was especially worth it, because it reminded me on some stories that I completely forgot, and I really needed to remember them. And they came to me in the right moment!

Here we will find stories about bearing with temptations and insults, how to recognize true friends, what in life has price and what has value, why it is worth to muster strength and forigve.


Nadživeti život Outlive the life Kenan Crnkić


I really believe that stories are there to make children go to sleep faster. But, they also exist to „wake up“ adults. To wake them up from their prisons of fears, caves of lethargy, vicious circles of anger and feeling of helplessness.

Sometimes, one simple story can make a larger impact than any piece of advice.

Although this might be even the best book written by Kenan Crnkic (for me, this book and previous one are in dead heat), this one will also have the shortest review.

The reason is simple. Same as previous books, these are type of the books that you read slow, but think about them thoroughly.

Especially carefully check the section that tells about five different types of people and their view of life.

It looks like there is a reason why his books are popular in region. 🙂


And you, my dear readers, what is your view of life? 😊



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