The 5 AM Club: Own Your Morning. Elevate Your Life


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The 5 AM Club: Own Your Morning. Elevate Your Life - Robin Sharma


I have a great respect for Robin Sharma. I really believe that there is great strength behind his words and that he is not (and will never be) one of those that write generic texts in motivational books.

Ever since "The monk who sold his Ferrari", Robin keeps trying to return people on the path of believing in yourself. Some people criticized him that he writes/speaks too idealistically and that is not simple to apply his views of success and happiness on modern world. But, between those motivational writers/speakers that write (literally) fairy tales and fantasies in their books, and others that play on the card of rough (and painful) realism and pragmatism, Robin carves his own path of...let's just call it... "idealistic realism", that makes people like his words/thoughts, but that also makes people believe that Robin's ideas are achievable. And I believe that is the reason why people like and respect Robin.


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But now, I will focus on the book itself.

Due to circumstances (or fate), one unhappy lady entrepreneur and one "lost" artist become the students of Mr. Riley Stone, one weird and silly, but then again, zen-calm businessman-millionaire. With the help of mysterious motivational speaker, "the Wizard", Riley Stone introduces two lost souls to the unusual club of early risers, with the goal to shows them how they can as well lead wonderful and fulfilled life, in every aspect of their life. Financial, spiritual, name it.

The essence of this book is complex, yet actually quite simple. In this book, Robin Sharma incorporated all of his knowledge, learning and researches in the fields of success and happiness. And if you dedicate years (more like, decades) to these subjects, you ought to know something, right? 🙂

And everything starts with early rising, a little bit before 5 AM, and the maximum usage of those few hours (before you go to, for example, work or university). Mr Riley transfers all of his knowledge and practical techniques to lady entrepreneur and artist, with the intention to cover all important life aspects, that would lead to perfect life balance, as a final goal. And I think that is something that we all desperately search for.

I have to share something with you guys. Almost 75% of the book didn't impress me. The meaning of early rising, morning exercises, meditation, writing in a journal, sleeping cycles... I already knew all of this, or it was familiar to me from my own personal researches. But... I realized that I should be happy with this discovery! Both Robin Sharma and I (and I believe some other people), on our own ways, came to the same conclusions. This might actually mean that combinations of mentioned techniques could bring us closer to success and happiness. Or (emotional and financial) freedom, if you prefer. And this is also at the same time the great plus for this book!


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And the last 50-60! The thoughts were so strong, emotional, beautifully shaped and inspirational that, in one moment, I realized that I was smiling I was reading them. And felt some kind of calmness and peace.

The book is well written and understandable, though I would really like to read in original (English) language as well, just to be sure that some words haven't lost meaning in translation.

This is the book that you will often return to, and that will require you patience, so that you can grasp the true essence of some things. I can guarantee you that there is truth behind Robin's word in this book. And lots of it is really applicable and can be quite efficient.

And so, I decided as well to try my luck with joining the 5AM club as well. 🙂


And are you, my dear friends, ready to try your luck with the 5AM club? 🙂


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