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Patrola Prokletih Doom Patrol

Doom Patrol


When it comes to DC Universe, somehow it seems like the things are (probably and slowly) going in the right direction, especially when you hop out of the superhero standards. And when you do that, then it happens that you quite often make something so interesting, that everyone should watch (and not just superhero fans).

That „something“ happened with the „Doom Patrol“.Doom Patrol).

There are many reason why I find this TV show great:

  • Actors: I was really happy when I saw Brendon FraserOnce upon a „Hollywood Golden Boy“ that entertained us with hits likeGeorge of the Jungle“, „Bedazzled" (I believe we will never forget „devilish“ look of Elizabeth Hurley :D ) or trilogyThe Mummyspent the last decade away from Holywood blockbusters (there are many reason why he withdraw from Holywood). Here he got the right role for him! Next, Alan Tudyk (cult TV show that-was-cancelled-unjustly-and-fans-will-never-got-over-that "Firefly" and "3:10 to Yuma"), for whom we do do not have to mention (but we will!) his genius voice acting for crazy (both) animated and CGI characters, like HeiHei OMG! :D), Lenny, Duke of Weaselton, Iago and K-2SO. And now, in great role of bizarre bad guy. Then we have Matt Bomer I think it is enough to say "White Collar“?), and Diane Guerrero in challenging role of teenage girl with multiple personality disorder or DID (the beautiful actress is, for you info, 33 years old, wow!) And let’s not forget legendary Timothy Dalton (definitely no need to write down his filmography, right?). Great cast - CHECK!


Patrola Prokletih Doom Patrol


  • (Super)heroes – our champions are no role models where everyone freaks out and faints when they see them (like Batman, Superman or Wonder Woman). Nope! Here we have Robotman (once popular race car driver, had an accident where only his brain was saved, now trapped in metal rattletrap that looks like Tin Man after going to plastic surgery in „Pimp my ride“). Then there is a former pilotwho got struck by negative energy in plane accident, now completely bandaged like a mummy due to high level of burns and radiation (a now in him also „lives“ some kind of energy entitety and they have communication issues). Next, Crazy Jane with multiple personality disorder... except she has 64 personalities and they are all weird...with their own superpowers. Beautiful Rita Farr, former Hollywood movie star, that got into an accident during movie shooting, and gain the power to mutate and change her body parts (and not in very attractive way... you will see). And then, there is the legendary Cyborg from his younger days (and very far from his full potential). And let's not forget the villain, and his power to manipulate the reality...and also believes he is the TV show's narrator! (Boy, Deadpool would really like this! :D). And let’s not forget the Chief, mentor and “father” to our band of superheroes, full of secrets and sins of the past. And side characters are stories for themselves (living street, rat with Batman complex, known as Admiral Whiskers and cockroach Ezekiel and his preaching of the Apocalypse).


Patrola Prokletih Doom Patrol


  • Story – same as characters, weird and bizarre. Bunch of unadjustable heroes (who have no ideas how heroes should act) has to fight against bizarre villain, who constantly plays with their minds.

And now, the key reason why this TV show is great for the adults:

  • Superheroes and their interaction with others – our heroes didn’t gain their powers at birth or through half scary accidents. These are the superheroes who survived heavy traumas, that scarred them both physically and psychically (and spiritually and emotionally as well) for life. Traumas that brought them simply to not living their lives...better to say, simply existing in this world, hidden from everybody. Even when they gather and “try” to do some hero stuff, situation doesn’t get any better. No matter how much they try to be a “family”, they are selfish, frustrated and distrustful towards each other, quite often without any empathy in communications (nonsense jokes that actually hurt emotions, throwing insults at each other...). In other words, they behave incredibly human. You literally can caught yourself how you get annoyed with them, or angry towards their reactions. And most of all, their enemy is the bizarre villain who plays with their deepest fears (while hiding his own fears and frustrations).

But, you also get to see how our heroes try to, better to say, face, accept and embrace their fears and flaws as a parts of themselves... and become, well, a little better versions of themselves.

Every episode is unique, bizarre and silly. But the last!

As I said, it doesn’t matter if you are into superhero shows or not. This a TV show for everyone, because it primarily talks about how defeats, fears and urges should be accepted as a part of our personality, but not to surrender to them. Instead, we should push forward despite their existence and fight for a (little) better life.


In the end, reviews on IMDB-u i Rotten Tomatoes say a lot as well.


Format: TV show

Number of seasons: 1 (15 episodes)

Average length of an episode: 50 minutes



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