Outlive the life


Nadživeti život Outlive the life Kenan Crnkić

                 "Outlive the life" - Kenan Crnkic


And it is time for the final book in this trilogy Life-Happiness-Success..

And even now, someone might say: „Yeah, yeah, let me guess. Small rugged book, full of interesting and educational stories/anecdotes, filled with quotations and Kenan’s look on life, happiness, friendship... Is it worth to buy the book full of stories that can be found everywhere?

Let me answer honestly: Yes, book is written in similar style similar to the previous one. Thirty-three stories from all over the world, mixed with quotations and Kenan’s thoughts. Is it worth it?

Yes. Simple as that.

For me, it was especially worth it, because it reminded me on some stories that I completely forgot, and I really needed to remember them. And they came to me in the right moment!

Here we will find stories about bearing with temptations and insults, how to recognize true friends, what in life has price and what has value, why it is worth to muster strength and forigve.


Nadživeti život Outlive the life Kenan Crnkić


I really believe that stories are there to make children go to sleep faster. But, they also exist to „wake up“ adults. To wake them up from their prisons of fears, caves of lethargy, vicious circles of anger and feeling of helplessness.

Sometimes, one simple story can make a larger impact than any piece of advice.

Although this might be even the best book written by Kenan Crnkic (for me, this book and previous one are in dead heat), this one will also have the shortest review.

The reason is simple. Same as previous books, these are type of the books that you read slow, but think about them thoroughly.

Especially carefully check the section that tells about five different types of people and their view of life.

It looks like there is a reason why his books are popular in region. 🙂


And you, my dear readers, what is your view of life? 😊



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Be careful which wolf you feed


Pazi kojeg vuka hraniš Kenan Crnkic

 "Be careful which wolf you feed" - Kenan Crnkic


And again, Kenan Crnkic. And again, one lovely little rugged book that you can finish in one afternoon.

And again, some familiar stuff is written here.

And again...a good book that you will often return to. 😊

To be honest, I like this book even more than the previous one.

If previous book ("7 secrets to success") talked about success (obviously 😊), then this one talks about happiness.

But, here you won’t find classical rules/laws/skills for reaching happiness.

But, you will find stories and anecdotes, followed with explanations and thoughts.

Yes, you did read this.

Kenan Crnkic put in this book 26 educational stories/tales from all over the world. I believe you even heard for most of them. And every story is followed by Kenan’s thoughts about how stories could be applied to real life situations.

„Oh well...“, someone might notice. „In regards to previous book, this a collection of stories, that are not even his! Sure, he talks a little bit about meaning behind these stories and that’s it! These stories exist in other books as well, on the Internet...why would this book be special?

The answer could be found in counter-question.

When was the last time you have read a book full of stories and anecdotes, which messages could be applied on daily basis?


Pazi kojeg vuka hraniš Kenan Crnkic


And what is wrong with reading (and learning) from stories?

For me, stories are great example of life experience. I believe, after first-hand experiences, that stories take second place as great and fast learning material. I can tell you that from my own experiences.

And besides that, as kids, stories were everything to us (until we discovered the world of movies and video games :D). It didn’t matter if some told us those stories or we read them by ourselves. They were our portal into an incredible world. But, they also gave us some valuable (life) messages that defined our view of the world. What is good, what is bad, how to be fair and honest, how to deal with tough people, etc...

And then we grew up.

We replaced stories with cheap news articles, full of illusions and tragedies, with barely any good, positive and inspiring news. Or, we might’ve even stop reading. And lessons about happiness we tried to find through some different channels

Or maybe we even stopped looking for happiness.

And that is the reason why it is good to have this type of book with you.

Someone might say: „Well, this is like a dose of motivation! You read it once and done! What’s next?“

But, it is not said without a reason that motivation is like showering – it is recommended on daily basis. 😀

All in all, this book is written in simple style. And that is perfectly fine and enough.

To be honest, I think I like this book even more than the previous one (Strange, I though I said this before?). And, it looks like there is the reason why entire region went crazy for this book.

Almost forgot! Friendly advice! Definitely try to answer all 77 questions in last chapter of the book. Answer them as fast and honest as you can. You will be surprised with your answers. 😊


And you, my dear readers, which you wolf do you „feed? 😊


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Doom Patrol


Patrola Prokletih Doom Patrol

               Doom Patrol


When it comes to DC Universe, somehow it seems like the things are (probably and slowly) going in the right direction, especially when you hop out of the superhero standards. And when you do that, then it happens that you quite often make something so interesting, that everyone should watch (and not just superhero fans).

That „something“ happened with the „Doom Patrol“.Doom Patrol).

There are many reason why I find this TV show great:

  • Actors: I was really happy when I saw Brendon FraserOnce upon a „Hollywood Golden Boy“ that entertained us with hits likeGeorge of the Jungle“, „Bedazzled" (I believe we will never forget „devilish“ look of Elizabeth Hurley :D ) or trilogyThe Mummyspent the last decade away from Holywood blockbusters (there are many reason why he withdraw from Holywood). Here he got the right role for him! Next, Alan Tudyk (cult TV show that-was-cancelled-unjustly-and-fans-will-never-got-over-that "Firefly" and "3:10 to Yuma"), for whom we do do not have to mention (but we will!) his genius voice acting for crazy (both) animated and CGI characters, like HeiHei OMG! :D), Lenny, Duke of Weaselton, Iago and K-2SO. And now, in great role of bizarre bad guy. Then we have Matt Bomer I think it is enough to say "White Collar“?), and Diane Guerrero in challenging role of teenage girl with multiple personality disorder or DID (the beautiful actress is, for you info, 33 years old, wow!) And let’s not forget legendary Timothy Dalton (definitely no need to write down his filmography, right?). Great cast - CHECK!


Patrola Prokletih Doom Patrol


  • (Super)heroes – our champions are no role models where everyone freaks out and faints when they see them (like Batman, Superman or Wonder Woman). Nope! Here we have Robotman (once popular race car driver, had an accident where only his brain was saved, now trapped in metal rattletrap that looks like Tin Man after going to plastic surgery in „Pimp my ride“). Then there is a former pilotwho got struck by negative energy in plane accident, now completely bandaged like a mummy due to high level of burns and radiation (a now in him also „lives“ some kind of energy entitety and they have communication issues). Next, Crazy Jane with multiple personality disorder... except she has 64 personalities and they are all weird...with their own superpowers. Beautiful Rita Farr, former Hollywood movie star, that got into an accident during movie shooting, and gain the power to mutate and change her body parts (and not in very attractive way... you will see). And then, there is the legendary Cyborg from his younger days (and very far from his full potential). And let's not forget the villain, and his power to manipulate the reality...and also believes he is the TV show's narrator! (Boy, Deadpool would really like this! :D). And let’s not forget the Chief, mentor and “father” to our band of superheroes, full of secrets and sins of the past. And side characters are stories for themselves (living street, rat with Batman complex, known as Admiral Whiskers and cockroach Ezekiel and his preaching of the Apocalypse).


Patrola Prokletih Doom Patrol


  • Story – same as characters, weird and bizarre. Bunch of unadjustable heroes (who have no ideas how heroes should act) has to fight against bizarre villain, who constantly plays with their minds.


And now, the key reason why this TV show is great for the adults:

  • Superheroes and their interaction with others – our heroes didn’t gain their powers at birth or through half scary accidents. These are the superheroes who survived heavy traumas, that scarred them both physically and psychically (and spiritually and emotionally as well) for life. Traumas that brought them simply to not living their lives...better to say, simply existing in this world, hidden from everybody. Even when they gather and “try” to do some hero stuff, situation doesn’t get any better. No matter how much they try to be a “family”, they are selfish, frustrated and distrustful towards each other, quite often without any empathy in communications (nonsense jokes that actually hurt emotions, throwing insults at each other...). In other words, they behave incredibly human. You literally can caught yourself how you get annoyed with them, or angry towards their reactions. And most of all, their enemy is the bizarre villain who plays with their deepest fears (while hiding his own fears and frustrations).

But, you also get to see how our heroes try to fight...no, better to say, face, accept and embrace their fears and flaws as a parts of themselves... and become, well, a little better versions of themselves.

Every episode is unique, bizarre and silly. But the last few...wow!

As I said, it doesn’t matter if you are into superhero shows or not. This a TV show for everyone, because it primarily talks about how defeats, fears and urges should be accepted as a part of our personality, but not to surrender to them. Instead, we should push forward despite their existence and fight for a (little) better life.


In the end, reviews on IMDB-u i Rotten Tomatoes say a lot as well.


Format: TV show

Number of seasons: 1 (15 episodes)

Average length of an episode: 50 minutes



7 secrets to success


7 tajni uspeha Kenan Crnkić

       7 secrets to success - Kenan Crnkic


Life quite often (or maybe all the time?) has strange and unusual paths. In the period when I decided to reread and review books written by Kenan Crnkic, a news appeared that the mentioned gentleman will hold the promotion of his latest book and a small lecture in Belgrade, in one bookstore in Knez Mihailova Street.

Malo li je reći da je knjižara bila prepuna ljudi željnih da čuju predavanje, a zatim dobiju potpisanu knjigu i slikaju se sa Kenanom Crnkićem? A oni koji su želeli, mogli su i da po par minuta popričaju nasamo sa njim o temama koje su ih interesovale. Zaista zanimljiv i neobičan čovek, moram priznati, čak i kao da je pomalo mističan…ali, više o tome neki drugi put. 🙂

Da se okrenemo knjizi…

„7 tajni uspeha“ je prva knjiga dr. Kenana Crnića. Knjiga je manjeg formata, nešto preko 100 strana. Hm, zanimljivo… sedam tajni ushpeha smešteno u jedno popodnevno čitanje. Malo? Ili možda taman koliko treba? A i koje su to tajne?

  • Definiši cilj
  • Zauzmi ispravan stav
  • Napravi plan
  • Usvoji pobedničke navike
  • Brendiraj sebe
  • Poveži se (networking)
  • Spoznaj svrhu

Knjiga je prožeta citatima, tehnikama, objašnjenjima, savetima i anegdotama kojima se pokušava objasniti kako da se pronikne u tajne uspeha.

I ovde ću se zaustaviti na samom opisu knjige. Da, da, znate da se uvek raspišem o tome šta se dešava u nekoj knjizi, ali ovde ću napraviti izuzetak.

A sada ću vam i objasniti zašto.


7 tajni uspeha Kenan Crnkić


Dok budete čitali (a i kada završite) knjigu, možda ćete se osećati blago zbunjeni. Hajde to što se knjiga brzo pročita, nego su i tehnike opisane u ovoj knjizi dosta bazične (i logične), i, ako ste već bili u dodiru sa knjigama iz oblasti komunikacije, motivacije, marketinga ili sličnog, prepoznaćete veliki deo toga i u ovoj knjizi. Ali, ovde stvari postaju zanimljive.

Možda ima veze sa tim što je Kenan Crnić doktor ekonomskih navika i s obzirom na njegovu životnu priču. A možda i nema veze.

A to (poenta) je da knjiga nema „prazan hod“. Dobijate knjižicu koja kao da se trudi što jednostavnije i što više sažme šta je ono što bi bilo poželjno da razumete i uradite da biste bili korak bliže svojoj viziji uspeha.

Svako poglavlje počinje pričicom, koju prati objašnjenje, a zatim je praćeno savetima i tehnikama, a na sve to se prožima i citatima poznatih i uspešnih ličnosti. I lep je (i koristan) detalj da ti citati nisu tu tek tako random ubačeni, već zaista lepo uobličavaju svako poglavlje.

U ovoj knjizi nećete naići na „praznu filozofiju“ ili titranje čitaocu, samo direktne i iskrene činjenice.

Nemojte pogrešno da shvatite, stil pisanja nije „hladan“. Naprotiv, imate osećaj kao da ste se našli na kafi sa piscem, i prijateljski razgovarate na temu uspeha. Opušteno, ali direktno i bez okolišanja.

Knjiga ima i simpatičan detalj, poput ogledala umesto uvodnog dela (što me je odmah asociralo na Napoleona Hila). Pametan i poučan detalj i dobar podsetnik ko nam je najveći saveznik u životu.

Meni se dopalo podsećanje na SMARTI tehniku. Da, dobro ste pročitali, ne SMART, nego SMARTI. Odličan podsetnik kako cilj ne može biti SMART ako nema ono I… hehe, kapirate? Ne? Dobro… uh, ovo je trebalo da bude duhovita igra reči (Humor ostavi meni, nesrećo! Samo se ti drži pisanija – prim.podsvesti).

Sve u svemu, definitivno nije bez razloga zašto su knjige Kenana Crnića veoma popularne i tražene u regionu. Ima nešto u njegovim rečima. U svakom slučaju, pročitajte i sami se uverite.


I kako se vama, dragi čitaoci, sve ovo čini? 🙂


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The 5 AM Club: Own Your Morning. Elevate Your Life


Budni u 5

The 5 AM Club: Own Your Morning. Elevate Your Life - Robin Sharma


I have a great respect for Robin Sharma. I really believe that there is great strength behind his words and that he is not (and will never be) one of those that write generic texts in motivational books.

Ever since "The monk who sold his Ferrari", Robin keeps trying to return people on the path of believing in yourself. Some people criticized him that he writes/speaks too idealistically and that is not simple to apply his views of success and happiness on modern world. But, between those motivational writers/speakers that write (literally) fairy tales and fantasies in their books, and others that play on the card of rough (and painful) realism and pragmatism, Robin carves his own path of...let's just call it... "idealistic realism", that makes people like his words/thoughts, but that also makes people believe that Robin's ideas are achievable. And I believe that is the reason why people like and respect Robin.


success villa money wealth Budni u 5


But now, I will focus on the book itself.

Due to circumstances (or fate), one unhappy lady entrepreneur and one "lost" artist become the students of Mr. Riley Stone, one weird and silly, but then again, zen-calm businessman-millionaire. With the help of mysterious motivational speaker, "the Wizard", Riley Stone introduces two lost souls to the unusual club of early risers, with the goal to shows them how they can as well lead wonderful and fulfilled life, in every aspect of their life. Financial, spiritual, health...you name it.

The essence of this book is complex, yet actually quite simple. In this book, Robin Sharma incorporated all of his knowledge, learning and researches in the fields of success and happiness. And if you dedicate years (more like, decades) to these subjects, you ought to know something, right? 🙂

And everything starts with early rising, a little bit before 5 AM, and the maximum usage of those few hours (before you go to, for example, work or university). Mr Riley transfers all of his knowledge and practical techniques to lady entrepreneur and artist, with the intention to cover all important life aspects, that would lead to perfect life balance, as a final goal. And I think that is something that we all desperately search for.

I have to share something with you guys. Almost 75% of the book didn't impress me. The meaning of early rising, morning exercises, meditation, writing in a journal, sleeping cycles... I already knew all of this, or it was familiar to me from my own personal researches. But... I realized that I should be happy with this discovery! Both Robin Sharma and I (and I believe some other people), on our own ways, came to the same conclusions. This might actually mean that combinations of mentioned techniques could bring us closer to success and happiness. Or (emotional and financial) freedom, if you prefer. And this is also at the same time the great plus for this book!


robin sharma motivation coach mentor Budni u 5


And the last 50-60 pages...man! The thoughts were so strong, emotional, beautifully shaped and inspirational that, in one moment, I realized that I was smiling I was reading them. And felt some kind of calmness and peace.

The book is well written and understandable, though I would really like to read in original (English) language as well, just to be sure that some words haven't lost meaning in translation.

This is the book that you will often return to, and that will require you patience, so that you can grasp the true essence of some things. I can guarantee you that there is truth behind Robin's word in this book. And lots of it is really applicable and can be quite efficient.

And so, I decided as well to try my luck with joining the 5AM club as well. 🙂


And are you, my dear friends, ready to try your luck with the 5AM club? 🙂


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The 5 Second Rule



I think it is the best to start (and also end) the review of this book by trying to answer three most common questions about this book that are buzzing the Web:

  • Should I really read this book if I already saw videos on Youtube about "the 5 second rule" (in further text: 5SR)?
  • Is this book more focused on "copy/paste" of people's posts from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram how 5SR changed their lives (and how they are praising Mel Robbins)?
  • Does the 5SR really work?

Answering the first question is not easy at all, because of one simple reason. 5SR is a simple rule, and the way it functions is simple as well. That moment, when you hear your instinct "whispering" you to do something, that might actually benefit you (your goal or cause), you have to count "5,4,3,2,1" and ACT before your brain stops you with his (its?) dilemmas, fears and other methods that will kill the action. And that's about it!

Mel's 5SR is not some revolutionary discovery. That is something that existed from time immemorial and will continue to exist in future in different forms. Instinctive reaction, "1,2,3 and HOP" or "count to 10 to calm yourself", etc... For me, five seconds Mel is talking about presents:

- Reacting with instinct, before brain rushes in with five million "arguments" why something will not work, and all of this in attempt to protect you (oh, irony of life!). That is why you have "5 second window" before your brain goes rampage with his arguments and rules over the instinct

- Short-term distraction of brain by sending him a note that, by counting backwards, he must fulfill some action when countdown is over. This will temporary stop brain from thinking the ways to protect you (or is it better to say - sabotage you?) from doing something

To answer the second question is even more challenging than the first one. It is undeniable fact, at least half of the book (if not more) are comments from people on social networks how 5SR helped them/changed their life. Is this also the way Mel Robbins is glorified and promoted? Maybe. Mel knows that the best. However, Mel didn't put those comments/accolades randomly. She really did her best to put them in appropriate chapter.

You need to understand and respect one thing. In this book, Mel also speaks a lot about her life failures, and how 5SR saved her from downfall. Also, besides other people's confessions, in this book there are lots of scientific facts Mel gathered about brain (and the way it thinks), procrastination and other. Honestly, you really have to judge for yourself what is the answer to the second question.


Pravilo 5 sekundi


It is actually the easiest to answer the final, third question (oh, the irony). And the answer is - YES. As incredible as it sounds (and remember, this is coming from person who tries to remain objective and realistic as much as possible when it comes to books about "poppsy" or "populogy", how I renamed term "popular psuchology" 😀 ). And, if you look a little better about this book reviews and marks, you will notice something interesting. Criticism of this book is usually focused on how book might not be necessary because of YouTube videos, how there are too many comments from other people and how they glorify Mel...but I didn't notice that anyone said anything negative about the 5 second rule itself.

And why would they? The rule is simple to use, or as Mel said it better: "To apply the Rule is simple, but I never said it is easy".Your decision/intention to apply the Rule, like for everything else in life, is the decisive factor. Countdown helps, because it clearly shows you that it is certain that you will have to act, no matter how scary it is. But, if you get scared (who said tremble like a chicken? 😀) give or just start saying "threeeeeee, twoooooo, oneeeeeee......zeeeroooo......minus oneeeee.......minus twooooooo" and hesitate, it is not Mel Robbins' fault that 5SR doesn't work... it is completely your fault.

Writing style is simple, direct, and mixed with posts from social networks, but it is a quick read and there is no need for any additional comment here.

"To buy the book or go straight for YouTube videos?" Honestly now, when I finished with reading the book, I am not so sure myself. When I first started with this book, I was probably for option two, but now I see this book as a good addition to explaining 5SR. The best answers I could give you are, maybe, to wait for a discount or borrow the book first. 🙂


No question today, but rather a warm recommendation for my lovely readers: Try testing the 5SR and tell me if it works for you and in which way?🙂


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The Why Cafe



The more time passes, the more I am convinced that people, when it comes to (upcoming) books from category "Populogy" (as I like to call "Popular psychology"... maybe I should make it a ™?) have unrealistic expectations. These books are are constantly getting negative reviews and marks, followed by comments like "nothing new" or "I already know all of this"... Well, if you "know" all of this, why don't you change your life, I ask them. But, they fail to give me any proper answer.

Some books are simply there to remind us about things that we already know, or maybe writer had a desire to share his personal thoughts or experiences with readers, and if someone recognizes themselves in those written words, great. And that's it... at least, that is how I interpret some books. 🙂

John Strelecky's "The Why Cafe" (further in the text: TWC) is not "The Alchemist for 21st century", as some people overexaggerated. I think this book is not even trying to be that nor it can be. "The Alchemist" is the book that... well...it does make some kind of specific impact on reader (I hope that those that had read and understood the book will understand what I mean by this 🙂). "TWC" is more like a pocket reminder (and size is about the same 🙂) for some of the things that we already know. But, that doesn't mean this book is bad, au contraire!

Our hero (John) is the typical citizen of the world, always in rush and hurry. Rushing to find the better job, so that he could make more money to find more things to buy, so that he could find a little bit of temporary satisfaction...

In one moment, he gets (like most of the people) sick of everything. (F**k everything!) He takes vacation, hops into his car, with intention to drive away somewhere and takes break from everything and everybody. Like in real life, he gets even more sick from traffic (F**k everything!) and he decides to drive through unknown side-roads... and (of course) gets lost somewhere in never-land. No GPS, no mobile range, not a single gas station in the view, a almost no gas in the tank. Really a moment to (F*ck everything again!) freak out, and to start kicking your car and cursing all the saints you can remember, right?

And...straight at that moment, in the middle of bloody f...er, nowhere, John finds a cafe.

Right now, this is starting to sound more like a horror movie, and probably no one sane would just barge straight into the unknown cafe God knows where. But, John is very hungry and tired, and decides to test his luck by walking in the cafe.

Well, look at that! A cute cafe, pleasant atmosphere, a few guests, kind and charming waitress, and from the kitchen sounds of yummy food been prepared. John takes the menu to order some food (like eggs, omelets, sandwiches, apple pie etc). But, aside from list of food, John finds on the menu and three questions:


"Why are you here?"

"Are you afraid of death?"

"Are you fulfilled?"


Not the type of question you need with the salad, right? 🙂 And so, right in this cafe, John gets into conversations with waitress Casey, chef-owner Michael and Ann (one of the guests) about these three questions, with the purpose to discover answers to them. John soon realizes some unusual things that actually motivate him not to ignore those three questions:

  • The cafe definitely has some unusual atmosphere
  • For some reason, the waitress, chef-owner and guest can read his thoughts
  • The waitress, chef-owner and guest (without a doubt) lead more fulfilling life than him
  • The food is brutally good 🙂

And through talks about the three questions from the menu, John is discovering (better to say, starts remembering) that not everything about happiness is a complex nuclear science.

I noticed that impressions about "TWC" are divided (as you probably noticed from the start of this review), with comments like:

  1. Book can be read in one breath
  2. There are no concrete tips and hints
  3. Everything written here was already mentioned somewhere else

Let me tell you something honestly and from the bottom of my heart. Statements 2. and 3. can be found in 95% of these types of books... and I think that is totally fine, since THERE IS NO UNIVERSAL FORMULA FOR HAPPINESS THAT 100% WORKS! But, what is interesting, is that most of us make mistakes with statement 1. And do you know why?

Let me tell you about something interesting that has happened to me and is related to this book. It's true, the book is small and short and can be read in two hours. But...

Due to circumstances (obligations), I read this book for three days. And it was unusual that I had to stop with reading literally the moment I would complete one of three key questions from this book. And then that question (and answers of the mysterious people from the cafe) would be somewhere hidden in my mind during the entire day, occasionally popping up to remind it is still there.

And that is when I (maybe) figured out one of the meanings behind this book. And besides that, there are lots of interesting thoughts worth thinking about.

Writer's style is simple and there is nothing complex about it. Nothing like deep philosophy, metaphysics etc. Some dialogues, stories behind happiness of Casey, Michael and Ann, some John's thoughts and that's it. Simple, right?

And simplicity is sometimes great necessity, right?

To sum it all up, "TWC" is cute and charming book. Maybe it will not reveal us something revolutionary, but it will remind us on some simple (but important) things that we (un)consciously overlook. I especially enjoyed dialogues about fulfillment, and the view on material things.


And you, my dear readers, did you have some unusual experience like John? 🙂


Link to buy book online - Book Depository

Link to buy book online (Serbian version) - Kafić na kraju sveta – Džon Strelecki


ŠAMPION – Mari Lu (Trilogija LEGENDA – Knjiga 3)


Champion - Marie Lu ŠAMPION

                               Šampion – Mari Lu


(NAPOMENA: Ovo je recenzija treće knjige u trilogiji, i samim tim, sadrži dosta spoilera, tj. otkrivanja bitnih događaja, detalja i likova. Savetujem vam da prvo pročitate recenzije prve and druge knjige. Upozoreni ste 🙂 )


Druga knjiga nam je otkrila dosta toga o Republici, Kolonijama, Patriotama, kao i bolno-strastvenom odnosu Dana i Džun. Videli smo kako je Dan stao na stranu Republike i podržao novog Elektora u borbi protiv Kolonija i Patriota, saznao da je teško bolestan i da verovatno neće dugo još poživeti. Stoga je rešio da se distancira od Džun, tako što ju je ubedio da prihvati ponudu Elektora Andena i postane Princeps-Elekt, kao i da njihova veza ne bi imala budućnost, zbog svega što se izdešavalo.

Od tada je prošlo nekoliko meseci. Dan, narodni heroj, sada živi kao slobodan građanin u San Francisku sa svojim bratom Idenom, pokušavajući da se privikne na mirniji život, provodeći dane uz cigarete, lutanja gradom i sve jače glavobolje kako bolest napreduje.

I onda jedan poziv menja sve. Dan dobija poziv da prisustvuje “izuzetno važnom banketu”, gde će biti prisutni svi uticajni ljudi Republike, uključujući i Elektora Andena. Naravno, ovo ne bi bio prvi poziv na banket koji bi Dan samo “iskulirao”, da nije bilo nešto neobično u tom pozivu.

Taj poziv je stigao od Džun lično. Prvi put ga je nazvala posle toliko meseci.

Dan odlučuje da ode na taj banket, koliko zbog Džun, toliko i jer ga je mučio neki osećaj da se tu još nešto dešava (a da nije vezano za divljanje hormona i napaljenost). I od tog banketa započinje emotivno-akcioni rolerkoster na trista strana knjige, koji uključuje:

  1. Zvanična objava rata Republici od strane Kolonija?
  2. Republika mora da nađe način da dobije podršku stranih sila da ne bi izgubila rat, ali po koju cenu?
  3. Iden je možda ključ za kugu?
  4. Džun saznaje da Dan umire?
  5. Danova napaljenost i zaljubljenost?
  6. Džunina napaljenost i zaljubljenost?
  7. Scene seksa?
  8. Tes otkriva Danu svoje prave emocije?
  9. Scene rata i sabotaža?
  10. Scene eksplozija?
  11. Scene revolucije?
  12. Scene izdaje?
  13. Scene raznih scena?

…i još puno toga strašnog i uzbudljivog (Brate, ti kao da najavljuješ sledeću epizodu neke serije, o’ladi malo – prim.podsvesti).


Šalu na stranu, ovom knjigom je Mari Lu lepo zaokružila trilogiju. Kao i prethodne dve knjige, nabijena je akcijom i emocijama. Vidimo kako su naši junaci dosta sazreli i promenili su u period dok su bili razdvojeni. Onog naivnog, detinjastog sa početka prve knjige, više nema. Ratovi, revolucije, izdaje i smrti njihovih bližnjih su ih promenili i naterali da za neke stvari očvrsnu. A opet, za neke (emotivne) stvari, naterali su ih da zbace maske i pokažu svoja prava lica. Mari Lu je ovim knjigom zaista pokazala komplikovanost ljubavi dvoje mladh ljudi, koji, iako oboje znaju da se vole, postoje i neki mračni detalji iz prošlosti koji će uvek visiti nad njihovom srećom.

Ni akcija nije izgubila svoj ritam. Mada su Dan i Džun proveli dosta meseci u (relativnom) miru i neaktivnosti, pokazali su u trenucima najveće krize da se neke stvari nisu promenile. Džun je i dalje u duši ostala vojnik Republike, Wunderkind, proračunati borac koji u trenutku analizira situaciju na bojnom polju. A Dan je, i pored bolesti, pokazao da je i dalje heroj naroda Republike, Legend, ekspert za smicalice, lukavstva i sabotaže iza neprijateljskih redova.

A ša se desilo sa našim junacima nakon svih peripetija, eeeee…

Jedan detalj koji će se, verujem, dopasti čitaocima, jeste što ćemo najzad saznati kako se živi i na drugim kontinentima. Konfederativne Nacije Afrike, Antarktika, Evropska Unija… do sada su nam to bili samo pojmovi o kojima nismo puno znali u ovoj trilogiji, osim da nisu toliko siromašne kao što ih je Republika predstavljala svojim građanima (čak naprotiv), kao i da na Severnu Ameriku ne gledaju baš blagonaklono. Sada ćemo imati priliku da nakratko posetimo i Antarktiku, koja na prvi pogled deluje kao savršeno uređeno društvo (ali, da li to samo deluje tako spolja, ostaviću vama da odlučite).

I, da sumiramo. Sve u svemu, debitantska trilogija Mari Lu je ispala jako dobro i kvalitetno napisana. Možda se ovim završila priča o Danu i Džun (a možda i nije, nikad se ne zna), ali otkriće da postoji svet van Republike i Kolonija definitnvno otvara prostor u budućnosti za avanture nekih novih junaka na nekim novim kontinentima.

Što se mene tiče, trilogijom “Legenda” i “BATMAN: Nightwalker”, Mari Lu je pobrala moje simpatije. 🙂


I naravno, pitanje za kraj: Kako se vama čini svet opisan u ovoj trilogiji i da li je ovo (možda) izvesna budućnost?



The Prodigy - Marie Lu (Trilogy THE LEGEND - Book 2)



              Uzdanica – Mari Lu


(WARNING: This is the review of the second book of the trilogy, and contains a lot of spoilers about happenings and characters. I strongly suggest you to read first the review of Book 1. You have been warned 🙂 )


The second novel continues more-less where the first one ended. Dan and June managed to escape their pursuers from the Republic. But the price they paid, was too great. Dan lost his older brother (who willingly sacrificed himself to save Dan and June), and there is no information about his younger brother, Eden. June, who discovered the real truth behind her brother's death, turned her back to the Republic and became the traitor.

However, Legend and Wunderkind soon get in contact with the Patriots, who are willing to provide them help, in exchange for their services (cooperation in fighting against the Republic).

And now on the scene enters the mysterious Razor, influential military officer, who is in fact the leader of the Patriots. Our heroes discover that the Patriots are actually financed by the Colonies, with the purpose of destroying the Republic.

Realization that the Elector Prime is dead and is succeeded by his son Anden (who definitely sparked the interest in both Dan and June, but with different motives), creates even more disturbance in turbulent and (now) unstable the Republic. For tired and repressed citizens of the Republic, Dan is the national hero and martyr (people still believe in lie that Dan was executed by the Republic). And now we have even more frequent rebellions against new Elector and the Senate (who are, also, fighting between themselves).

And in those times, Razor and Patriots are giving Dan and June very dangerous missions, with the purpose of saving people of the Republic.

June will have to return to the Republic, get close to new Elector and prove that she is still loyal to the Republic, and that her betrayal was actually in the Republic's interest. If everything goes as planned, she will make Anden vulnerable. On the other hand, Dan will join the Patriots in sabotages against the Republic, while showing himself to the citizens and army, giving them evidence he is still alive and kickin'. All this with one single purpose - assassination of new elector Prime.

I have to admin that Marie Lu kept up the pace in her second novel. Whats more, I think I read this book even faster than previous one. 🙂 And what I liked the most, we are finally getting answers to many questions from the first book.

Finally we will learn why the Republic is so military-oriented, the real truth about what is going on in the state, Republic's relationship with the rest of the world... and things are not some lovey-dovey as the Republic (is trying to present to its citizens (Again I would like to add something...errr, better not - comments of the subconscious mind).

Now we will have the chance to learn more about the Colonies, their way of living, state arrangement, and their view of the Republic.

And let's not forget about our new pals, the Patriots! In first novel we managed to see a part of their potential, but now we will manage to learn a lot and (a little bit) unusual about them.

Of course, cherry on the cake is the relationship between our two young heroes. Large tension... and "tension". They are aware of each others emotions and that they are getting closer. But, there also some undeniable facts that separate them. And additional "spices" are Tess and young Elector. In this novel, the author also paid additional attention to our characters inner (emotional) battles and dilemmas, and questioning everything that has happened to them till now. And when one important event goes wrong...oh boy...

Impressions about "The Prodigy" are positive. Pace of the story is still not going down (now is even more dynamic). Lots of action scenes and (emotional) dramas are now mixed up with details about the world and setup of this trilogy.

What I really like about Marie Lu is that she goes full throttle with descriptions, with sole purpose of getting us even closer with the world and its characters. Now, we can clearly and vividly imagine Dan and June, The Republic, Colonies...

Writer's style is still unchanged (constantly switching between Dan and June)... and let's keep it that way. 🙂


Overall, while you are reading this review, I have already dived in final chapter of this trilogy. And after that we will summarize everything. 🙂


COMING UP NEXT --> Chapter 3 of trilogy "THE LEGEND"



The Legend - Marie Lu (Trilogy THE LEGEND - Book 1)


Legend - Marie Lu


                While I was returning "Silence" back to the shelf, I accidentally noticed "BATMAN: Nightwalker", from the author Marie Lu.

                Marie Lu... Marie Lu... why did she sound so familiar to me?

                Of course! Trilogy "Legend". Comfortably laying down on my bookshelf, patiently waiting to be read.

                Hmmm...should I do the review of the trilogy from the writer, whose book about my favorite superhero I've recently read, and had positive impression about the book?

                Challenge accepted! 🙂

                "Legend" is, by the way, the first novel in trilogy, and also Marie Lu's debut piece. The impressions about this novel (and after that the next two in trilogy) were very appealing and positive to everybody. Both the audience and literary critics were generally in favor towards the new writer. And also, there are stories that we will receive live-action version of the book. 🙂

                Category of novels "young adult" lost meaning to me long time ago (Typical argument of an old dude - comments of the subconscious mind), and with researches on Internet, the conclusion is that it includes the age range 15-30, that can also be freely read by older generations (Good job at getting yourself even more buried, old man, you are doing great - another sarcastic comment of subconscious mind).

                *Cough *Cough... Ahem... (using Morgan Freeman's voice)

                "She is the Wunderkind.

                Born in an elite family, from the richest sector. Raised and groomed for highest ranks in the military of the Republic.

                He is the Legend.

                Born in the poorest sector. He became the most agile and wanted criminal in the Republic... ever.

                The military is sending her Wunderkind in a mission that, if she succeeds, will make her a star.

                All she has to do... is to catch the Legend.

                And bring him justice."

                Epic clash is coming... now lets see if it is worth all the ruckus...

                The story is set in dystopian future, maybe some 100-200 years from now (at least that is my impression). Where once were USA, now exists the Republic (where the novel is taking place), shown as decorated and superior nation, and the Colonies, presented as inferior state full of traitors (according to Republic's propaganda). The Republic has been controlled for decades by Elector Prime, the person that always managed to manipulate the elections and remain a long lasting ruler (My sarcastic subconscious mind wanted to make an inappropriate political comment, but I managed to make it quiet XD). Every citizen of the Republic that reaches age of 10 must take The Trials (a combination of psychological, intellectual and physical tests), and based on accumulated points from tests, the future of the taker is determined. Maybe top universities and successful career, or is it the college and administrative job as a middle class, or, if you really do the tests bad, then it is tiresome factory work until death. But if you, by any chance, fail the Trials, you will be sent to "labor camps" (I think you can get the picture what actually happens to kids there).

                Do you want to complain now on your college/university entrance exams? XD

                And then, we have classification of citizens, depending where you live (rich or poor sectors). In poor sectors, plague is a normal thing (though the military claims it is under control). The cure costs a small fortune, and streets are places where survival itself is an art, while the rich sectors are peaceful, protected, and get a yearly dose of vaccines to prevent the plague.





             The Wunderkind we mentioned is June Iparis. Beautiful, agile, talented, analytical and extremely intelligent, this young lady already made her name during studies. If rule-books would have a model, that would June. Loyal to the Republic. When she completes the studies, a bright and successful career awaits her. Her parents died in a traffic accident. The only left family member is her older bother, Metias (young and famous commander), whom June adores and admires a lot.

              Overall, a dream girl.

              On the other side, from poorest sector, comes Daniel "Day" Altan Wing. Most wanted criminal and (very) big headache for Republic. Nobody knows his true looks (due to his extraordinary talent for disguise). All robberies and sabotages is (as people claim) doing alone, and he doesn't consider himself a member of The Partiots (name used for rebel forces). The best description: imagine Day as some kind of dystopian Robin Hood. Never kills his opponents. Although he gives away the look of spontaneous teenager that improvises a lot, he is extremely sharp with great eye for details. Amazingly agile, careful, cunning and extremely intelligent, that it is a great mystery how managed to fail the Trials.

              The only Dan's ally and faithful follower is Tess, the little street girl, whom she provides huge support in his operations. Dan also has mother, and both younger and older brother. But, for the family, he is allegedly dead (though his older brother knows the real truth, but he keeps it secret for safety reasons. Also through him, Dan sends financial help for their family).

               But, one fatal night turns everything upside-down. June finds out that her brother has been killed while securing the hospital that holds vaccines against plague. You probably guess, the same fatal night when Dan tried to break in the same hospital to steal the vaccines (unfortunately, there were no vaccines that night). The same night when he had a faithful clash with her brother Metias.

              From that moment, Dan becomes top priority for both the Republic...and June, who gets automatically integrated in the army. June decides (on her own initiative) to infiltrate the poorest sectors and (hopefully) gets closer to her brother's killer.

              And their first contact, and what will happen after...well, that is a story for itself, that includes digging into the painful pasts of both Dan and June...and the Republic as well.

              The one thing you should pay attention to (it almost tricked me), is that first 80 pages somehow give the vibe of slow pace (even though at lot happens) and a little bit of (teenage) cliché. However, the introductory part is just laying the base for the moment when Wunderkind and Legend clash for the first time. From that moment, the story gets more dynamic pace.

              What I really liked is that main characters are already well developed and we can easy connect with their motives and decisions. True, we do not have much information about the history of the USA (except for one detail related to Dan's father and family medallion), but we already have clear (and disturbing) picture of dystopian Republic.

               The novel is nicely and well-written. You can see that the author is young, because the begging of the trilogy doesn't show and complexity, but I do not see that as fault for this novel, to be honest. I already mentioned that even in this early stage main characters are well developed, and the situation in the Republic is explained a lot (though I am certain next chapters will shows us more). Action parts are dynamically described and more-less within the limits of realism.

               Overall, really nice and fun novel, about not so perfect and ideal America, with really interesting characters. We will see what the sequels will bring. 🙂



                Question for dear readers: Do you think this novel maybe describes the potential future of the USA?



                COMING UP NEXT --> Chapter 3 of trilogy "THE LEGEND"

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